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Privacy Policy
1. While purchasing items from your website, how is the security of my personal details entered by me, maintained?

While buying items from our website, the contact details of our customer, their choice of gifts and date of delivery entered at the Delivery Information Form are kept secured in our merchant server database. We also keep secure the printouts for record purpose.
2. Why are my contact details required by you?
We require contact details of our customers for the following :

a. Analysis of Market :
The details such as the product chosen by the customer, location of the sender and recipient, are used to spot the markets that require our assistance. The details and result of survey are entirely intended for our internal purpose and its confidentiality will be maintained by us.

b. Channel for Enquiring Purchase and Delivery Status :
We keep the email id of our buyers which are used as a medium for enquiring about the purchase status ( e.g. we put forth a receipt to the buyer to confirm the purchase made) and delivery status ( e.g. after completion of the order, we inform about it to our customer).

c. Updating about Products and Services :
To keep updated about our new products and services, we will use the email ids of the senders and recipients.

d. Promotions and Festival Purposes :
For Promotions and Festival Purposes, the email addresses of the sender and recipient will be used by us.
3. Are the credit card information of customers collected and stored?
The credit card details of our customers are never collected and stored. Moreover, we do not get any hint of your credit card number. While you buy products from our website, all you need to do is to fill in your credit card details directly into the form provided by the credit card payment gateway. The credit card payment gateway directly will keep secure all the details collected from your credit card.
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